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A New Year & New Opportunities to Advocate for Social & Racial Justice

Join us in welcoming the New Year with Renewed Energy to Advocate for Social Justice and Racial Equity.

2020 was one for the books. We won’t go into a long-winded recap (you’ve probably heard/seen too many of those already), but we do want to say this:

We’re thankful this crazy year brought us all together. Thank you for being a part of the movement for social justice and racial equity. Thank you for stepping up and fighting the good fight for your friends and neighbors of color. Thank you for spending your Wednesday evenings with us, protesting with us, advocating with us.

With a new year comes new opportunities to advocate for equity and racial justice. As you consider your goals and resolutions for this coming year, we encourage you to consider how you can continue being an ally, expanding our anti-racist community, and speaking up against injustice everywhere.

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